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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Variety is King

Jason Ritchie wrote some kind words about the album in this review:

Review at 'Get Ready to Rock'

Track 2, 'Spending Time', has also been added to the playlist at 'Get Ready to Rock Radio'. Seems to be an early favourite for becoming the 'hit' song from 'Lab Rat and Lobster'.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Lab Rat and Lobster- only 3 days to go!

Some say that these short samples do an injustice to the full versions. Well, come Monday 15th July you won't have to wait any longer. We are still shifting pre-ordered CD copies directly from here - use the PayPal link top right, or contact us directly using the form on the right hand side of this post. We will also sell copies in person...by prior arrangement, of course ;) So, if you know us - get in touch!

You can also exact your own justice in the digital domain on Monday 15th July. Yup, just 3 days from now the album will be officially released on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Here's something to keep you going over the weekend:

Bat: 'A story that is about the escapades of a young stoner, it’s partly fact, partly fiction.'

Shane: 'Swinging 6/4 grooves on offer here, as the song opens with some blues fusion type licks over a sneaky, lazy backbeat. I had a lot of fun jamming these parts - especially pleased with the tone combination of Dragon II Neck pick-up (PRS Santana) and Morley Wah Pedal (’98 Model). Musically, the track goes through a number of different moods (Calm to Aggressive), so metaphorically it’s a great match for the adventure of the lyrical content.'

Friday, 5 July 2013

The Golden Record of Mankind

Bat: 'In 1977, a golden record with messages, music and all things about mankind was sent into deep space on the Voyager 1. It is hoped that, one day, this record will be found by other intelligent life. This song is a fictional story of how the Golden Record in a “Cosmic Bottle” is found by an intelligent, Godless race. They listen to the music on the record, believe it to be from Gods and decide to follow it back to Earth. When they finally arrive, Earth is a barren planet with no life. Ultimately, we may self-destruct, destroying this planet and ourselves, but we have left our legacy, lost in space. If or when that happens, an alien race might learn from our mistakes.'

Shane: 'Based on an old instrumental of mine called ‘Atomic Yoo Too’, we worked this one pretty hard until we got a suitable song from the original music. In many ways, this one represents the quintessential Maggy style, where Bat has been able to turn a short musical cue into a bona fide Rock song. Ultimately, we found the sweet spot by detuning a whole step, and revisiting the core musical shifts afresh. There is a coldness about the choruses that is neatly contrasted by the vibrant optimism of the intro and verse sections: again, a great marriage of words and music. As with opening track ‘High Time’, this song features two trademark solos, one from each of us, over the joyful key of E major. Be Happy.'

Friday, 28 June 2013

How does your Internet persona stack up?

Bat: 'The Internet brings out the worst in people. People can hide behind their computer or device and not be accountable, saying things they wouldn’t say in person. This song was inspired by some hateful comments about a murdered Metallica fan on the music site of the title. While this is not an attack on the site itself, it is a commentary on some of the trolls that frequent it. Censorship is not the answer, but people should be held accountable: it’s time for real names.'

Shane: 'Another one of the earliest songs that we demoed, this one relies on a straight driving beat with stabbing upstrokes and off-beat rakes to add percussive noise. It is also notable for the use of the patent-pending ‘Donkey Bass’ tone, not to be confused with the patented ‘Galloping Bass’ tone belonging to Steve Harris, though it has a similar effect. The featured riff is Bat’s and it makes good use of Sabbath-like flattened 5ths. It delivers a fair bit of metal in the mid-section and the outro, as we went to the 7-string for a key change. Cue Donkey Bass!'

Friday, 21 June 2013

A song about new beginnings

Bat: 'When we’re young we might keep a diary. We keep photographs in it, write poems and songs to express our feelings and record our memories, good and bad. In time, those diaries might contain things we’d rather forget. Things that make us shudder. The only way to get on with life might be to burn these physical reminders of the past. It’s best to have a mind that’s free of guilt and shame.'

Shane: 'There’s a sixties vibe underpinning this track so we chose some slightly fuzzy guitar tones to create a raspy, edgy texture in the verses. The choruses are characterised by a fairly tricky, moving riff that implies the chord changes. Check out the shimmering rotary effects and the ascending harmony line as the song builds, becoming more colourful.'


Friday, 14 June 2013

Two pints and a package of crisps

It is not quite beer o'clock but the promotional wheels are turning at quite a rate now in the run-up to our 15th July release, so we are going to start taking pre-orders for CD copies of the album today.

Indeed it will only cost the price of 2 pints of beer / cider / stout and 1 package of crisps, and we do appreciate correct change! The official price is €7.99 plus €2 P&P. All you have to do is hit the 'buy now' button below and we'll send you a CD on or before the release date.

The album will also be available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, etc. from 15th July.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Maggy Simpson - Sorry (Sample)

Bat: 'Sometimes, we say things without thinking. When we are young and foolish, we speak or act without considering the consequences. Sometimes, we think we know a person, but don’t; people seem open but are actually closed, seem immune to hurt, but are not. Sometimes an apology is enough. But if that apology isn’t accepted, well then we’re both stuck in a stalemate situation.'

Shane: 'Dave Grohl called, and he wants that chord back! We finally cracked this punchy tour de force by shifting the key centre (capo at 2nd fret). It’s a no nonsense affair, based on a two and half minute library piece I composed a couple of years ago. Always keen to hear this as a genuine song, now it’s really come alive. Watch out for the smart Wah motifs in the chorus, and maximum use of octaves for colour throughout.'